Focused Inbox not appearing for First Release users

Ryan Morash
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On March 29th the Message Center on our 365 tenant said that Focused Inbox has been rolled out to all First Release users. However, as a First Release user, I cannot seem to access Focused Inbox settings using OWA. This continues even after using the PowerShell commands to enable it tenant-wide and on my own mailbox. Is anyone else running into this issue?

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Bunch of our users are on FR and even i noticed that our OWA donot have the option of Focused Inbox.

i was under the impression that i dont have to enable or disable settings on tenant level and by default i should be able to see Focused inbox. not sure what is the correcr method here?


Hi I had to enable it at the tenant level using powershell. It's now working in owa but not in the latest outlook client which is very annoying Regards Gideon
Same problem here. I was also forcing it to "True" thru PowerShell and nothing. Not working in my Mac client neither OWA.
Focused Inbox seems to have just been activated on OWA for me. 5 minutes ago it wasn't there, then I refreshed the page and it was.
Good to know, but I am still waiting.
This is exactly where we are. We've used PowerShell and disabled it for the org and enabled it for a few specific users. It works in OWA and in moblile apps but not in the Outlook 2016 desktop client. We certainly don't want to roll it out for the org if it won't work in Outlook.

I found an answer for this issue! They've updated the blog post on the office site with the reason:


  1. Requires the Office 365 subscription versions of the clients. Focused Inbox will not be delivered to Outlook for Mac 2011, or the perpetual versions of Outlook 2013 for Windows and Outlook 2016 for Windows.
  2. Requires Modern Authentication to be enabled for Exchange Online.
  3. We are also working on an additional update, which will remove the requirement of Modern Authentication for Focused Inbox to work. That will come in a future fork.


There's a link to an article on setting up Modern Authentication, but we think it requires your Outlook 2013 users to have a special registry update in order for them to continue working so we haven't tested it yet.


Mystery solved!