Family calendar opening read only in Outlook 365

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I am using Microsoft Outlook 365 to open my email, calendars and contacts of my personal Microsoft Account. Everything is well and good, with the exception of the Family Calendar in my calendars. I cannot add anything to the family calendar using Outlook 365, and all of the events open up as Read Only.


I can add, modify, and delete events in the Family calendar from, the mail app on my apple devices, and from the Calendar app that comes with Windows 10. Just not from Outlook 365.


UPDATE: I did get this to work, shortly after originally posting this. In Account Settings > More Settings > Advanced, there is a new option for Microsoft 365 Features, called Turn on shared calendar improvements (preview). I enabled this option, and restarted Outlook 365. I can now modify my Family Calendar.

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Hello @Troy_Lambert 

Where are these setup? In the Microsoft Outlook 365 Program? Or on the on the web? I do not find it.

Thx for help

@GZoli The setting is in Outlook 365 itself. In Outlook:

  1. Click File
  2. Open Account Settings
  3. Select your Microsoft account
  4. Click Change
  5. Click More Settings
  6. Select the Advanced tab
  7. Microsoft 365 Features will be toward the bottom of the Settings box


@Troy_LambertI know you updated this a while ago now, but thanks for taking the time. I was completely unaware of this 'Calendar Improvement preview' and it seems to have resolved my issue too.


Unfortunately did not work for me, even after restart.


I followed these steps but it did not cure the read-only status of my calendar. I am quite perplexed as to the purpose of the read-only status. I created the calendar and to my knowledge, it is not shared with anyone else. Now I am unable to update and revise several recurring birthday events. Why would MS lock me out of my calendar and then not explain why or provide a pathway for unlocking the calendar, say through a password verfication. I don't believe these modifications should be deployed until they are fully tested and vetted.



Followed your steps - didn't work :( 

Thanks for the tip but not working on my Family Calendar as the settings advise that the calendar has not been updated by Microsoft. This means the only way to add or modify the Family Calendar is to use my iPhone Mail or Windows Mail. Come on Microsoft you need to test your software before running updates that take away functionality.