Family calendar - invite by enterprise O365 account

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We want to promote the family calendar among our 5K+ users. Today you can invite family members using the enterprise email address as part of O365 subscription (like in my case). Unfortunately it seems to be not possible to accept the invitation using a work or school account. I've also created a free account. With the  free account it's possible to become a member of a Family calendar. Adding as internet calendar I'm able to visualise the family calendar also in my enterprise calendar, but I can't perform any updates (CRUD), only view. To visualise the family calendar in the enterprise calendar a few extra steps (like creating a free account & adding internet calendar) are required and as such considered too cumbersome.

Hence the question when will it become possible to invite family members with their enterprise office 365 email address to a family calendar, is it on the roadmap? 

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