Export Outlook calendar to Excel with attendee status

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Hi all,


I will be sending out a whole lot of calendar invites (250+) from my Outlook for a virtual event. I want to track the status of the calendar invites in terms of who all has accepted the invite / declined / tentative (RSVP status). I would like to export this into Excel to be able to update the contact database at my end with the RSVP status.


The basic Outlook calendar export to Excel gives out all details except for the current status of acceptance of the attendees.

Needed some help on how to export it.


Thanks a lot in advance!



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Open the Meeting from your Calendar via a double click-> select the Tracking tab-> button: Copy Status to Clipboard-> paste in Excel

@Robert Sparnaaij 

is there a way to connect the attendees list with their status to an excel sheet so you can refresh the sheet and it gets automatically updated?