Employee left can I check if they removed the app

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An employee left my company. They used their personal mobile to access MS teams/outlook. How can I check if they deleted the apps?
I must make sure they don’t access the company data.
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Block their account, change the password, block email protocols and follow the other steps detailed here: https://www.petri.com/blocking-access-office-365-user
That’s all been done. Can I check if they can still access emails that have been received prior to revocking their access?
They no longer have got access to their account. Would this functionality allow me to see if they can access the content?
You can certainly check if a specific device has access to the app and manage access , if there are no registered devices then I believe that access to content will not be possible , but this requires analysis.
Ask in this discussion I shared:)
Thanks just done it.