Create a Task (ToDo) from a meeting in Outlook (OWA)

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Hi everyone,


I am a bit confused as I think this functionality was already there and I am missing it now.


Is it possible to create a ToDo from an existing appointment in the Outlook web app?


In the desktop version, I can drag an appointment onto the Tasks icon and then create the task in the popup that opens. In the Outlook web app, however, it is not possible to drag appointments to the ToDo sidebar, but only to drag ToDos from the sidebar to the calendar and create a calendar entry.


Did this disappear with one of the latest updates or does my mind trick me?

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@fyver Happy workday to you.


I am responding to your August post on November 11, 2021.  


Microsoft has completed many new updates and more to come.  As a reminder, please update the Microsoft To-Do app on all devices, including the mobile app?


Here are the instructions for the Desktop app


Secondly, you can drag an email of an event invite to the Task list but not an actual Calendar event if you feel strongly about this functionality.  The time is now to give Microsoft some feedback. 


How to give feedback to Microsoft?



By the way, I like this idea. :smile:

I can foresee creating a calendar event and assigning associated tasks.  However, I don't want duplicate entries or send myself an email as a workaround method. Simply drag the calendar event to the To-Do tasks and get all the greatness the task feature has to offer.  :smile: