Anyone else having issues with the Client vs Server rules prompt?

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I've had the same rules setup for ages but I went to check one last week and got prompted about which set of rules to keep, Client or Server.  No matter which one I pick, I get the prompt every time I open up the Rules window.


I found this page online that is from over a month ago that talks about the issue but doesn't really have much useful information:


Does anyone know any more about this or any way to resolve the issue so I can manage my rules properly?



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@Mike Boehm 


Same issue and still no solution. I have try the monthly release 1912 without success


If you disable any rule in the Outlook client the rule is gone on the server and then you get the conflict. If you disable from the web mail then this ok. 

Don't forget to make the backup (export) of the rules from outlook client.


I don't believe this is so long to fix this important issue (BUG !!!)