Windows shortcuts in OneDrive folders (desktop app)

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Hello everyone,


Me and my partners have 5 PCs with Windows 10 (desktops and laptops - only 2 of them in my office and the others work from home) and I have been sharing (with ability to edit) all my files through my space of OneDrive (Office 365 - 1TB) to everyone. Each one has their own account in OneDrive, but I am the one who created the space and the "business" and have been sharing the files to everyone. We all manipulate the files from the desktop app of OneDrive which we have installed.



I need to create many shorcuts of onedrive folders inside other onedrive folders.. (i.e. I have 2 main folders: one named CUSTOMERS , which has subfolders named after each customer, and another main folder named PROJECTS, which has subfolders named after various types of projects.) My target is to "shortcut" many customer subfolders inside many project subfolders.) I currently do that by using windows "create shortcut" of a folder inside another. But, the shortcut being created gets its destination address by the PC or Laptop creating this shortcut (something like C:\Users\[Account Username of this PC]\OneDrive-[Name]\[Folder name]\..... So, when I try to click this shortcut from a different PC/Laptop, the destination of the folder cannot be found.


Is there a way to overcome this problem and make "windows shortcuts" I create accessible by everyone?

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