Why can't i see the settings for OneDrive when i right click on the OneDrive icon in my Taskbar?

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I'm hoping that someone  will be able to help me with this issue that i'm having. I'm trying to access my OneDrive settings because my folders are not syncing. So that i can synchronize them, i know i have to go to my OneDrive settings. When i right click on the OneDrive icon in the taskbar, there is no "settings" option that comes up, which is really weird because i have seen it there before and i know that it should be there. 


Any help here will be appreciated. 


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@Sean_P_s3016183  Does anything come up? 


What happens if you go into Explorer, locate the OneDrive folder and right-click to get Settings?


If nothing comes up in either case, try the troubleshooting steps that Microsoft has published.

@Mike Williams it's not in explorer either, nor can it be found by right clicking on the onedrive icon in the taskbar.


Last time you told me to follow these troubleshooting steps, 



which were to fix onedrive sync problems. Is it the same troubleshoot that i need to follow or is there another one?


@Sean_P_s3016183  Same with me. When I am right clicking the onedrive icon on the bottom right of the screen it is not expanding/ nothing happening. It used to work previously. 



On my computer, in the "Desktop" folder, there is a cloud icon for OneDrive. Mine says "OneDrive - Personal".


When you find this cloud icon, right click and then go to Settings, click on Settings.


Then click on the Backup tab.


Make sure that the boxes next to " Save photos and Videos..." and "Save Screenshots..." are NOT checked.


Click on "Manage Backup" (section above the checkboxes mentioned above).


Then you will see "Manage Folder Backup".


Uncheck each one and confirm each one.


The normal default location (C: drive) will be restored. You can verify this with right click>Properties>Location for the Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders.


OneDrive will create a link that says "Where are My Files" in each of those locations.


Click on it, then copy/paste stuff that you want to put onto the local drive. OneDrive will not automatically send the stuff back to the local machine.


Once you have moved stuff back to the local machine, then go back into OneDrive settings and go to account and pick "Unlink this PC".


Then delete the "Where are my Files" shortcuts in those folders. They will not work anyways, once the PC is unlinked.