SharePoint-Online team sites not make shortcut automatically to explorer after sync with OneDrive

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We have an issue when our users try to sync SharePoint-Online team sites with new OneDrive client on their computer.

When they navigate to team site with internet browser and they press sync team site OneDrive client will open and they can add it to there but this won't automatically add shortcut to explorer.exe favorites.


They are using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11.

SharePoint document library is enabled from admin center.


Is this solution or is the problem somewhere else? Not really sure if some users are using still old version (groove.exe) because I didn't deploy OneDrive to customer. End User instructions are for new client.


Download and open TeamSiteSyncPreview.reg to enable SharePoint document library sync.

NOTE: There are known issues when you use the registry keys to preview the feature using Internet Explorer on Windows 7, or on SharePoint sites that use the classic experience. These issues don't affect the feature when you enable it in the SharePoint admin center.


Thanks for your help!


Br, Joonas

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Problem is only that OneDrive client will not add new site to explorer favorities automatically.

Any suggestions?


Br, Joonas