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With the latest 'Shared with me' update, it seems the sync button has gone away. Was this by design? Some of my users like being able to sync the files they had in there with other users. not the end of the world just curious if it's coming back or something your that is phasing out. If anyone knows let me know, thanks!

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Hi @Deleted,


I chatted with the owner of Shared With Me and even the old SWM experience didn't have a "sync" button, that we're aware of at least :) Are you sure it was in the SWM view? Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

It’s highly possible that people were somehow going to the files on that persons OneDrive then sharing but my support guy swears it was on his instructions so let me find those and see if they can prove it lol.

@Deleted, are users "syncing" SWM content or "sharing" SWM content? Thanks!

I wish there was a 'Shared with me' folder in OneDrive shell interface permanently. this would make it so much easier to introduce these things to new users in a corporate environment....but it also makes sense to have it for everyone!

I see what it is, when someone Shares a folder, you can go in and sync that folder for that user. It was never on the actual Shared with me view. Sorry about the confusion, I blame my support guys for making this up lol!



Thanks for the clarification! Glad we're not going crazy! :)


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II