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Hello everyone,


we currently tried some thing on our old tenant and now swaped to a new one. I did however keep a bunch of items in the Quick Access despite them being already deleted.


Could someone help me on how to remove them?


Of the items below only the #1, 2, 6 exist - the rest was an attempt and got deleted shortly afterwards.

The links are from OneDrive and link to Sharepoint Sites


Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-06 um 10.42.30.png

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Hello SOE_Tech,


Whenever you navigate to your OneDrive and this appears, modify the OneDrive site URL in the URL field to point at the site host by deleting every character from "personal" so the URL looks like the below.

In the above URL I have removed every other character from personal to the end as you can see to help re-provision the site and fix issues without loss of data or files.

Please let me know what you get once this is done.



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Deleting the "personal..." part only redirects me to the personal site without any changes to the site itself.

Is there no way to "manually" remove parts of the quick access?
Would someone else have an idea how to remove these "Quick Accesses"?
We are still looking for a solution on this.. this is really driving us nuts with the whole quick access being filled up with empy websites..

Hi @SOE_Tech did you find any solution, I am also facing this same issue.

I am searching for a solution to this as well.

@michalaferber We've all been asking for a solution to this issue for years.  MS doesn't provide one.