Regarding the Excel file sharing function in OneDrive

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I issued a link (http // ....) using the Excel file sharing feature in OneDrive.

The content described in Excel will be reflected in the linked Excel with a delay of about 2 minutes.


Is it possible to reduce this delay?

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Realtime collaboration with Excel is available but if any users have limited connection speeds then you may see slow updates. This is outside of Microsoft's control.
Hi, @Mike Williams

Is it because the links created using the sharing function are for viewing only?

When I open Excel directly from Onedrive, the value written immediately is reflected, but when I open the link created by the sharing function, the value is reflected with a delay of about 2 minutes.
Since I am trying it on the same computer and under the same network, I feel that the timing of downloading the values ​​is different.

Thank you.
You will need a Microsoft support person to interrogate your network environment to answer those questions.

Note also that your OneDrive sync queue would need to be checked if it is busy with other updates.