problems with finding one drive folders after C: drive boot failure

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Hi I am a novice and this is my first post.

I have a dell xps 9550 with a SSD 1TB. This initially went through a start up repair and kept looping a few days ago of its own volition. I managed to get into dell support assist, and did some scanning, repair etc. Did not want to do fresh install to avoid losing settings etc. I remember one-drive showing 500GB used of the available 1TB. Now failed to boot, and used DellOs support from USB. I can see the C: but not see the one drive folders/ document folders. Online I can see some recent files from this machine, nowhere near the number expected and no folders - around 50. I can see older 2017 folders from the old machine. So there is quite a bit missing! Where could it be? Am I looking at the right place on the c: or will it be online somewhere else under another account? Is there a risk of never finding them or deleting them? I would like to renistall the OS, but not without certainty of finding the folders/files.

Hi any help will be gratefully accepted.

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