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I have seen some posts in the past about this topic but wanted to ask this again in case there was an update.  Currently the OneDrive Sync client creates a lock/sets in readonly those Document Libraries that are using required columns or enforcing the check in/out of documents.  On premise when we mapped a drive to the document library we could still add files/folders etc to libraries that had required columns or enforcing check out.  As a result of recent migrations to SharePoint Online users have been dissatisfied with the transition.  Do we know if there are any plans for the OneDrive Sync client in allowing read/write operations to a library that has check in/out or column metadata required?


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@Juan M Baena hey @Stephen Rice , anything you can share on this front? Not sure if you guys have said anything or not. Little curious myself on the sync client getting any kind of support for check in/out and metadata for files in regards to SharePoint sync. 

Hi @Chris Webb and @Juan M Baena,


Nothing to share anything here right now. Best thing I can suggest is to head over to and vote for these requests. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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@Stephen Rice Just curious if there are any updates on this issue? It would be great if there was support for required metadata.