OneDrive - Preview Sync problem

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I installed onedrive preview to sync my sharepoint documents library. But when I click on sync now. I got nothing and stays only loading. I don't have office 365 installed on my computers, so what is the problem..?
I installed the reg key.


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Hi, There are some issues if you are using IE. Try to use Chrome to access the SPO sites and select to sync from there. It work for me that way.

Look in to Get started syncing SharePoint sites with the new OneDrive sync client - Preview post. At the bottom you can find 'Known Issues'. There you will see some more information.

I had issues on some machines where both the classic Onedrive for Business and the next gen sync client were installed previously: the registry key handling the 'grvopen' protocol (that is called by that sync button in the document library), resulting that nothing really happened when I clicked on the sync button.


So if every other attempt would fail, double check the following key in the registry:


Here the proper value should be something like:
"C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe /url:"%1"

Hi, based on your suggestion, I discovered that if the grvopen key is completely missing, it's not enough to add only the path where OneDrive is placed.

I found that by exporting the grvopen key from another user and changing only the <yourusername> it worked for in my case.

Here the values I used to solve my issue.

@="URL: OneDrive Client Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""




@="\"C:\\Users\\<yourusername>\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\OneDrive.exe\" /url:\"%1\""
This solved the issue for me, thanks!