OneDrive on Mac to backup Desktop, Documents, Pictures

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HI all! I'm not seeing any concrete answers (via Google results) to the simple question of whether or not on a Mac, you can configure OneDrive for Business to sync additional folders besides the contents of the OneDrive folder itself.  All the info floating around out there is outdated or points to a 3rd party tool, or unproven scripting, etc.   

I'm ok if the answer is No, but it would be great to get a straight answer on this.  FWIW, there just doesn't seem to be any option in OneDrive itself for any of that.  I'm about to tell my user they just need to stop saving files to Desktop, Documents, etc. and just put everything in OneDrive. 


Alternatively, can we solve this need through Google Drive, iCloud Drive, DropBox?


Thanks :)

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@ViProCon I have been longing for a definitive answer to this one for quite some time.  I keep avoiding setting up symbolic links for my users, in the hope that Microsoft will finally include this functionality, but I don't believe it is even on the Roadmap.  Anyone know differently?

Any news about that?
How can I do a symbolic link?