OneDrive Link Sharing Glitch

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One of the problems I've been experiencing with OneDrive is when sharing links to files, sometimes OneDrive will automatically generate an email to a user even though I didn't specifically intend to send them one.


When I send out a link to a file (a video, in my case) for review, I limit permissions to certain individuals by typing their names into the field highlighted below.


ODB_Grant User Access.png












Later, when I want to grant access to additional users via that already-created link, I will click on the three dots below to "manage access."


ODB_Manage Access-1.png












Then, I will select the cog icon to go into the link settings.


ODB_Manage Access-2.png
















My last step is to add new users, click "Apply" (not visible here) at the bottom of the window and click "Copy."


ODB_Manage Access-3.png
















What sometimes happens, though, is OneDrive will seemingly glitch and auto-send email notifications to certain added users, even though I never click "Send" or "Invite." Is this a known issue? Or can anyone offer insight?


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