OneDrive for Business shows blank / white page in the Browser

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Hello together,


a colleague of mine has the Problem, when logging in to Office365 (enterprise) and the OneDrive will show up using the Webapp, a white screen. In the first train I have tested different browsers (IE,Edge,Chrome,and Firefox) without success. In the second attempt I tried a pure client problem and it is on the iPad (Safari) tried, but without success. There is no Addon (Adblock or such), no Proxy, and it also occurs in the mobile.


Anyone have an idea?

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Michel Fritzsch:
Have you checked the one-drive is provisioned for that user? If yes, exactly it is a browser compatibility issue only. I would recommend to clear the a cache of browsers and try again in both normal/Private browsing.

Still having challenges, lets share the browsers version which you trying in your/user machine and the url which you are trying.

Microsoft will support the all latest version browsers.

This is a bug in SharePoint 2016. you will be able to fix this issue by run this Sharepoint Shell command


$Farm = Get-SPFarm
$Farm.OneDriveUserExperienceVersion = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.OneDriveUserExperienceVersion]::Version1

good luck :)


Do you have any Internet Content filtering device/UTM, check whether Office 365 or onedrive CDN are allowed, specially akamai CDN for microsoft are allowed or not. In my case my UTM was blocking akamai CDN that was showing white/blank page for onedrive.