one drive syncing is too much slow

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i have a good connection but still the syncing is very slow :(    (25KB

i have searched for issues but nothing is helpful 

any help please 

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@zackgeek2 What type of slowness are you seeing?  Slow network speed, or OneDrive sync client just sitting and showing "Looking for changes"?  If looking for changes, it's often you are trying to sync too many files.  Try to keep it under 300K files total (across all sources).  How many files do you have?  It is OneDrive files or SharePoint doc lib being synced?  Are you running the latest sync client? Give me more info.

@Lou Mickley  thank you for your reply ;)

it is a slow network speed
my one drive is updating files from my computer 

i'm trying to upload 5.6GB of files (237 files); and the uploading is really slow ( 51,6KB/s to 100KB/s) normally if i want to download a 6GB of files i download them at a rate of (1MB/s)

look this image if it can help you ; and thanks for your help 

one drive prob.png

we setup also an application on one drive / sharepoint and it doesnt sync fast enough i dont know what else to do... @zackgeek2 

@jsanchez1 Our company moved form dropbox to onedrive and since then it has been a real hassle to work with.


For any little file we add to the local onedrive, the sync take forever. Have to wait at least 5min to get a link for one picture, I'm not even speaking about sync a big amount of files. This is so time consuming and ruins all productivity.


At that point I don't even understand how a company would chose onedrive over concurrent services.

Hi Arnaud. If you are looking for better response saving files you should consider mapping a network drive to your files. This works more like a traditional file server - you don't wait on the sync tool to finish syncing your files, with network drive mapping, saved files are available faster. Check out Zee Drive as an option for mapping network drives.



Thanks :( I guess we are in big problems!
Since our company decided to move 1TB worth of data to SharePoint/OneDrive now we are facing several problems... maybe we should sync everything back to the server.

@zackgeek2: Try Disabling Files On-Demand --> Under OneDrive Settings tab uncheck Files On-Demand option..Wola you would see OneDrive upload/download increased by incredible speed.

We're also experiencing immensely slow upload and download speeds using the OneDrive client, both for Mac and PC, but especially for Mac users. Tested both on and off our VPN client, as well as in numerous Internet configurations (at home, at work), WiFi and cable. Internet connectivity tests shows good speeds (>50MB/s, all the way up to 300MB/s), but still, OneDrive takes forever to even upload a couple of kilobytes in a Word document. This has serious implications as it severely impacts the speed at which we can work with and share files. For example, I just created a 637 kb Word document that I uploaded to my OneDrive for Business that I wanted to share with some colleagues over Teams, document is saved and closed on my computer, no one else has it open, but still, the document takes forever (several minutes) to upload.. 


@netadmin37 I have heard this solution before, but as far as I understand from the "Disable Files on Demand" feature, all your synched folders are then downloaded to the local harddrive. This is obviously not a solution if you have three different SharePoint sites synchronized with several hundred Gigabytes, along with your personal OneDrive with 10's of GB stored. I can't be assumed to go buy a 1TB Macbook Pro just for OneDrive to work on my computer, right?!

@Emil_B - are you using a current version of the sync client?  Some of the older versions had performance issues.  You can try unchecking some folder for sync performance testing.  I run sync all day long on my home with 3 Mb down, and 1 Mb up (world's slowest connection).  Keep troubleshooting.

@Lou Mickley running macOS version Catalina 10.15.7 and OneDrive client Version 20.169.0823.0006.


Don't really know what is causing it, seems like the file gets locked, or as if there are files being synchronized from one of the sites I have synced via OD that blocks the upload or something. Just did a connectivity check and as seen, I have a 50 MB downlink and 8,8 MB uplink..Skärmavbild 2020-11-05 kl. 16.05.31.png

@Emil_B We are also experiencing very slow sync.   We were looking at moving to OneDrive for Business from Dropbox but the sync experience is so poor that we may have to pull the plug on doing this.  I like a lot of the features of OneDrive for Business but slow sync can dramatically impact work flow and is a deal breaker.





@zackgeek2 Hi - you're trying to use OneDrive sync client to upload quite a large amount of data. This isn't what it is designed for so upload speeds are never going to be huge. 


Check your upload speed (you mention a good download speed but upload will be significantly slower).


To migrate files to OneDrive you should be using a migration tool which is designed to move data at large capacities. Sharegate or the inbuilt SharePoint migration tool are recommended. The same goes for others on this thread who are migrating.


The SharePoint migration tool can be downloaded from the SharePoint admin centre. Sharegate is a third party software which I highly recommend but it is expensive. 

@Kotus-Tech The problem for us is that the SharePoint migration tool (which I've successfully used to migrate 1.4 TB of company data into SharePoint sites) isn't available for Mac, and this is a Mac user that's been with the company for 15+ years, so obviously he has a lot of data to migrate on his Macbook Air into his personal OneDrive space..

@Emil_B We have used a migration tool to move our data from Dropbox to OneDrive for Business.  So all of the data is on OneDrive - it is not being uploaded from our macs.  What I observe in testing is that a new file created and added to OneDrive for Business on the computer (a Mac) is very slow to upload - slow enough that it would disrupt our workflow.   A folder containing 4 small files took about 15 minutes to upload.  A single file took about 5 minutes.  Adding a file to OneDrive for Business on the web pretty quickly showed up in the same folder on the Mac but when I selected "keep on this device" it took a very long time for the solid green circle with a check to show up.   I think this would drive our staff nuts - all of the waiting on files to sync up.   


@markh31 Yepp, same thing here. It does not have anything to do with the client side Internet connectivity, but rather seems to have something to do with how the OneDrive accesses and scans files for differences or something. A single Word document at just a few hundred kbs can take several minutes to get uploaded through the OneDrive client.


As I mentioned before, our data has previously been stored on the local computers, with a sync to an old virtual machine acting as a file server and backup storage for client folders (except for on Mac). Of course, we could have moved all the Mac contents over to a Windows Pc through an external harddrive and use the SharePoint migration tool to move it to OneDrive, but that would probably have been more of a hassle, especially in COVID-19 times when we don't go into the office.

@Emil_B I have continued to try to migrate us to OneDrive for Business but think I am going to pull the plug in the morning.  The desktop client for OneDrive for Business is just not up to handling large amounts of data plain and simple.  I don't understand how a company as big as Microsoft could have such a terrible desktop client.  We were trying to come from Dropbox to OneDrive for Business and used a migration tool to get our data from Dropbox to OneDrive for Business.  That worked fine.  But trying to get the desktop client for our Mac to sync and work as expected has proved unworkable.  The slowness of the desktop client will impact work flow.  Additionally, it seems to use a large amount of CPU often which will impact battery life.  Even trying to select only certain folders to be represented on my Mac has proved difficult.  Has just been a miserable experience overall - we will just stick with Dropbox.


Microsoft really needs to step up to plate and fix this.



@Emil_B - hmmm, you have the correct version that is supposed to fix performance issues.  A couple other things to consider... Are you syncing thousands of files?  MSFT recommends less than 300K limit, but I've seen lots of churn and struggle with over 50K files as it checks statuses.  I've set up hundreds of thousands of customer users with hundreds of millions of files without issue, but I can't say the Mac experience has been flawless.  I'd raise an issue w/ MSFT and have them help troubleshoot it.  Also watch the OneDrive app and see which files it's using/testing/copying to see if that is giving insight.

@Lou Mickley I had the .0006 version and have now updated to .0008.  The 300,000 file limit could be my problem.  My dropbox had close 1.5 million files but unclear if that included "shared" files.   I will do some trimming of folders in OneDrive today and see if that improves things as well.  

One Drive is a joke.  Especially with data drive files.  They normally recommend you don't have files bigger than 300K in your One Drive, and that is way too small for database system.  Discounts happen all the time, that can be a disaster for database files and indexes.  Do not use One Drive for anything but static, uploaded files to share.  We don't use it any longer at all.