One Drive - Excel Upload Error

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Hi Team,
We are experiencing an issue with Excel files uploading to One Drive. Attached Error message is seen  when a user opens the excel file which is on one drive. We have been seeing this issue after the update on February 1st. 


One Drive - Excel Upload Error.png


Message - "Upload Blocked. We ran into a problem with this file and can't save any new changes. Please save a copy to avoid losing your work." It gives an option to 'Save a Copy'

OneDrive version - 21.002.0104.0005
Office version - 16.0.13628.20274


Tried this How to resolve “Upload blocked”, “Sign into save this file” or “Save a copy” error messages - Office..., but I am not able to see 'Remove service' when I click on the 'Connected services'.
Any ideas or alternate solutions?

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