New add shortcut feature snyc not on all clients

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Hi together, i have trouble with the new feature "add shortcut to OneDrive" The feature is visible and all our customers can add shortcuts. But they will never sync to the clients.

I did some self tests, i have 3 clients, the only difference is the office version.

It works on my clients with monthly channel, Office version 13426.20274

It will not work with semi anual channel, Office version 12527.21330

Problem all our customers have the older version, so can anybody confirm that there is any dependency for this feature.

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@Juergen Keller Has nothing to do with Office.
please look, which OneDrive Version do they use. 

@Hans Brender ok, i forgot this in my message, all have the same OneDrive Client version, this fact a already checked. During the tests i update one to the latest insider version, without success.
So where is the hint ?

@Juergen Keller ok, was this folder earlier synced? (Shared with me -> Sync)
maybe my blog post will show you, where the error is.

@Hans Brender yes i read it ( i follow your blog :), no both folders i test was created early this week in OneDrive and shared with me, in addtion i also create on and shared it back.
Our topic, we have here ( 10.000 clients ) have all the same problem and the same OS and office version, everybody can use the function, you see it in OneDrive Online, but it never will be synced. Except our so called insider clients with monthly channel ( around 20 clients)  they work.
I search now since two weeks to understand the difference. In my opinion, there must be a dependency i did not fould yet

@Juergen Keller So what's the OneDrive Version the "normal" users use?

@Hans Brender 

As is said, not depends on client version

i have two clients not working in my test szenario

- first one, Standard version production ring 20.169.0823.0008

- second i manually update to newest insider 20.201.1005.0006


both are not did as expected and as i have mentioned, semi anual channel for office, this is the only difference on our clients

@Juergen Keller I found the issue:
If you slecet a subfolder of a Shared Library and Click on "Add Shortcut to my files, the folder got a new icon, but no sync will started. (You see the icon and the library in MyFiles

Try this:
User A select  a subfolder of a shared Library and Share this folder to User B
User B will find the sharing information in OneDrive "Share with Me/You"
User B select this Folder and Click on "Add Shortcut to my files, the folder got a new icon, and sync will started. (You see the icon and the library in MyFiles)
User B will have all Folders/Files inside of OneDrive synced (on all Devices and Smartphones)

I know, this is another szenario, but that works.

@Hans Brender This is exact the szenario is described, which is not working.

I have 3 clients, same os, but different office version. on all our10.000 standard clients with semi anual channel, this is not working. 

You can add the shortcut, you see it in OD online under myfiles, but is not synced, so you never see it on the explorer ( except mobiles, they work :) )


So where is the hint? in fact, it not depends on any of the current OD sync versions

Hi Jürgen,
i have the same problem with a colleague.
Had an old OneDrive version - updated it to 21.052.0314.0001 and performed a reset.
Still not working.

It is working on my and many other clients - after 5s the shortcut appears in Windows Explorer