Missing OneDrive File On Deman status icon

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Hello everyone,

I'm encountering an issue with OneDrive File On Demand, the status field still empty of icons.

 2018-11-13 14_16_09-Window.png2018-11-13 14_17_20-Window.png

I'm note the only one in the company, a user contacted Microsoft and the answer after week of test => install fresh Windows 10.

I saw a lot of post of the icon overlay but isn't the problem here.

Maybe someone have the solution ?

Here all the information and steps I have already done.



Windows 10 version: 1803 - 17134.345

OneDrive Version: 2018 - 18.192.0920.0015

We are both admin of the computer.


My profile on another computer: Works, I got back my icons.

Another profile on my computer: Not works, same issue for my colleague.

If I disable the FileOnDemande, I got my overlay icon correctly on my files and folders after a Notification "Need admin rights to apply onedrive icons".



All these step didn't solved my problem

  1. Unlink my account / reboot / Link it.
  2. Uninstall OneDrive / reboot / Install it.
  3. Uninstall OneDrive / delete every folder / reboot / Install it.
  4. Uninstall using Revo uninstaller pro (delete everything, registry keys, files, folders, ...) / reboot / install it.

For me it's not a problem with Onedrive client more with Windows 10 settings or registry key missing or corrupt.


Any idea ?


Many thanks for reading me.



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I think you are right on top that this is a Windows issue and not a OneDrive client issue. Since you've done all the steps less than a reimage of the computer...that might be your next step. That likely will take less time than tracking down the registry entry that got messed up.

Hello David,

Thank you for your answer, I assume is the fasted way to re image the laptop.

But is the third time I did it for my user :(



@Julien SOULET Hi Julien, Did you manage to solve this issue with the missing OneDrive File On Demand status icon?  We are struggling with the same problem for a lot of our users. :\



Hello Rebekka, Unfortunately I was enable to fix the problem, I got this problem on a single user and we have just refreshed his laptop. I can't help you on this issue, sorry. I have another similar issue, status icon showing "sync" icon on a root folder, and when I search what is the file blocked in sync status, I can't found any file in sync. The answer of MS is just: Duplicate the folder with the icon problem and delete the old one ^^ Just in case. Julien.

@Julien SOULET- thank you so much for you quick reply. I have managed to repair my own new PC by doing a clean install / Fresh Start. However we've tried this before with other PCs where it didn't work :\ If we find out what is actually causing the issue, I will update this thread. Have a good day :)

Thank you too and be brave :) Just for information when I dealed with this issue, I had a lot of suspicion about other Cloud storage APP installed (Dropbox, Google drive and iCloud) on maybe Adobe application. Good luck, Julien.