macOS synced folders don't show in open/save dialogue of apps

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We are trying to use SharePoint (via Teams) as a central file store for our school. We are using MacBook Air for the teachers with MS 365 as the main software environment. I am a teacher and the person to decide on the process.

I tried out both versions of making the filespace accessible to the teachers: When I sync a folder from a SharePoint site, I see it in Finder under locations in the left pane. When I create a shortcut to a SharePoint folder, I also can see it in my OneDrive. So far so good.

PROBLEM: As soon as I am in e.g. Word and want to load or save a document, neither a synced location shows in that dialogue nor the shortcuts in OneDrive show! This only changes, when I click "On My Mac" and a file dialogue like in finder opens.

I know our teachers and that it will be hard to communicate this to everybody.

QUESTION: Is there a way to make either synced Folders or shortcuts more easily accessible (e.g. directly show in the proprietary dialogue of Word)?

Thanks, Knut

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