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I just switched to One Drive for cloud backup of my files and photos. Unless this thread contradicts what tech support told me I will switch back to Google Photos and keep the files on One Drive.


Issue 1. My Android camera roll is a mess. I have scanned documents, charts and images from my music mixed in with my photos. Support said "by default" MS uses all folders vs Samsung Photo Gallery. I have been unable to choose just the photo gallery. Based on supports comments it is working as designed and NO I can't choose just the photo gallery. 


Issue 2. Even if I get a fix to issue one I won't be able to use MS for my photos due to issue 2. Which is that One Drive uses the date uploaded to "Date Created." Can you beleive that? So my photos are all out of date order. Hey MS why not call date uploaded, date modified?  Possibly if your careful uploading and upload the oldeset first they may be in chronogical order but I'm not starting over. Windows file explorer even allows viewing photos in chrono order.


Gonnna check out iCould or another app specializing in photos but I'll prolly go back to Google.



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