Is SilentAccountConfig by user not HKLM?

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Does anybody know if there's an option to make the OneDrive account configuration silent on a per user basis as opposed to a per device basis.


For example, you can enable the SilentAccountConfig registry key under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive but that is targeting the device, as opposed to the user.


The SilentAccountConfig switch gives me what I need, but I want to target it on a per user basis.


The best I can get to is using Start-Process “odopen://sync?useremail=$UserPrincipalName" in a script, but I cannot find a SILENT or NOUI switch for this.  Using this command pre-populates the UPN field but the user still needs to click through a few windows (if you disable the tutorial registry key too).


Does anybody know how to achieve Silent Account Config on a per user basis?

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