How to save pictures from phone and not sync

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Hi all, 


I ve been struggling for 2 days with onedrive. 


I took a 100gb subscription because i want to save the pictures from my phone and be able to free some space on it.


Problem is that it doesn’t work. All my pictures are sync in onedrive that’s ok but if i delete a picture from my phone it also delete it from the cloud and vice versa !


I don’t care at all about synchronize all my devices or whatever, i only want to be able to keep a copy of my pictures on the cloud and delete it from the phone which for me is the MAIN GOAL of a cloud. 


Already tried the “free space on this phone” from the gallery but i DONT want to delete ALL my pictures, I want to be able to chose what i keep or not.


Is there any solution or Microsoft messed this up also ? 


Thank you 

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