High Level Administration of OD4B

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We are just now starting to use OD4B in our organization and one feature that was requested from management is that they want to be able to view their staff's OD4B files. From the standpoint of local storage, this was pretty simple with share permissions. With OD4B, the best I have found so far is by editing each user's "User Profile" under the SharePoint admin center. As one can imagine, that is time consuming and just more steps that is needed in the process of setting up new accounts.   Is there a better way? Ideal, as an administrator, we need to be able to view all users files, just as we can on a local file share. That is bare minimal. I understand I can create eDiscovery but that is more for compliance.  For managers, it would be great if OD4B would "automatically" provide managers access. I dont know if that is possible in the current form. The manager is defined as part of a user in Active Directory.  Probably wishful thinking here.  Thanks.

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You are correct that isn't currently available for OneDrive.

I think you might be better at getting folks to do group work files in SharePoint and leave their "personal" files in OneDrive. That way manager's really don't have a need to be looking into OneDrive and can focus on SharePoint.

When an employee leaves the manager will gain access automatically to OneDrive.

You mentioned Managers gain access automatically when a person leaves. How is that determined? Do I simply remove the O365 license from the user account? How does it know who the manager is? Is that pulling from the Manager field in AD? 



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Manager is determined by Active Directory.

For us, we remove the license after the 30 day period after the employee leaves (just makes it simplier). That is when the manager will automatically get a notice. If the manager wants access earlier they can request it and we'll give it to them (none have ever asked).

Excellent. Thanks for your help. And I assume, if we need to give a Manager access sooner, you use the User Profile under SharePoint Admin Portal, correct?

If Microsoft reads these, I would like to request a high view hierarchy of all our users OneDrive files. As administrators, I still like to view files or access files on a fly as we would with a typical file share. Thanks again!
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Yes, the User Profile in SharePoint is where you can give someone access.