Granting access to folders for Mac

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I am trying to sync a SharePoint library to my mac, but am running into the problem of OneDrive needing permissions on my folders to work. 

When I set up OneDrive for Business on my mac, this was handled through a grant-permission dialog, but I am getting no such option when trying to sync the SharePoint library.


Any suggestions on how to get past this will be welcomed.





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I was having a similar problem where a SharePoint file was asking to grant permissions to a folder that was on SharePoint, but was listed as needing to sync with OneDrive. In the "Grant" window that opened, I was in OneDrive, but there was no option to get to SharePoint. I finally checked to see if my OneDrive was running and syncing in the background. Due to a recent power failure, it wasn't. Once I had that sync back to OD, then I didn't not get asked to grant permission again to the SharePoint folder and I could save and reopen the document like normal.