Folder Redirection and Files On Demand

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We have folder redirection already configured for all users for Desktop and Documents folders. Now, we need to enable Files On Demand in order to use GPO to automatically synchronize Teams channels, but we want to keep all Desktop and Documents files to be available locally. What is the default behaviour of Files on Demand option for folders included into Folder Redirection? Does user need to manually select "Always keep on this device" for each folder or is it done automatically? 

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Great question!

Enabling Files On-Demand for OneDrive for Business folders included in folder redirection will make the files available online only by default.

Your users can manually select the "Always keep on this device" option for individual files or folders, or Group Policy can be used to configure this setting for all users. Users can use Group Policy to configure this setting by creating a new Group Policy Object and configuring the setting "Set the default save location for OneDrive" to point to the local Desktop and Documents folders.

Alternatively, your users can disable files On-Demand by configuring the "Prevent the use of OneDrive for file storage" setting, which will keep all files and folders always available locally.

I hope the summary above has answered your questions.