file folders missing and files on demand only showing 2 days

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We have been using the files on demand feature and I have one user who is missing folders in his Onedrive for business and they are not in the recycle bin or second stage recycle bin and files on demand is only showing 2 days of history.  He has used this feature before and it used to show the past month but now only 2 days...


How can I find these files for this user?

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Assuming you mean files restore? Did you try restoring back before the restore. Your supposed to be able to roll back.
Hi Stacey

Did the user themselves go into their OneDrive Recycle Bin (via Office 365 in their web browser) and take a good look around? I know I have missed things even though it may be right in front of me.

Also what second recycle bin are you referring to? I am only aware of one recycle bin for OneDrive for business users. SharePoint has two.