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How can you download multiple selected files in a OneDrive folder?

I see only the download option for 1 file ...

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Hi Luc, you can only download one file at a time from the web interface, if you want to download multiple files then I'd suggest to use the "Open with Explorer" function and copy the files from there to a location on your PC.

This function is available when using Internet Explorer and the old OneDrive look-and-feel.

Or you can use the Onedrive sync client to sync files to your local PC :)

Thx for the reply .. I was already aware of the proposed solutions .. but shouldn't the "multiple selected files  download option" be an interesting possibilty in the web interface? Smiley Wink

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Hi Luc, yes I would say so! I just checked the Uservoice and found that there is already a posted suggestion:


You can vote there for the proposed improvement.


I think it is basic and critical function.


But yet no any news about this?


In uservoice forum, staff is just saying, "Yeah cool idea. Thinking about it.." and that's all.


We have to share multiple files(about thousand file with hundreds folders..) to our business partner through onedrive, and it is embarrasing make them install onedrive client.


Is this the only way to do? install client to partner's pc and sync first, and then copy?

Any other way that can be done in browser? I cannot even download folder!

The reality is that we don't have an aswer to this requirement from Microsoft yet but I'm pretty sure they will also understand this feature is critical and they will implement it in the future...and for future I mean 2017...bear in mind that this feature is needed for ODFB but also for Team Sites
It was announced at Ignite that they are working on a "download multiple files as a .zip" feature

Are you certain?


I didn't hear this at ignite. It seems Microsoft has been rather quiet about one. I wouldn't consider it a feature, I'll rather say it's a necessity. It's tough task trying to drive adoption without the basics 

Steve is correct

Yes Steve is correct.  It's under "New browser capabilities include:" and is the last item mentioned.  It is supposed to be out by the end of 2016.  The link from the Microsoft Blog is here:

Steven is right it will come soon i guess

I just saw the notification in my O365 tenant message center. Some good news.


"New feature: Download All on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online web client"


Roll out will begin mid-November till late December 2016. 

@Luc Debois: the feature is already available in my  tenant. See the screenshot.



Simply select some files and Select Download. It then asks you were to put the .Zip.

Yeap, seeing this too...finally :-)...and it's also available in SPO modern libraries

Not yet on my corporate tenant. I'll wait my turn - patiently  

Finally also in my environment available .. so this is also solved for me :)