Blue square icon with white building - Tenant name in Windows Explorer

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I have a user who had a blue square icon with a white building - Tenant name appear in Windows Explorer.


When I look at the properties, the icon requires to "System folder".  When I expand the entry in Windows Explorer I see a folder on SharePoint Online which was added as a shortcut, however there is no shortcut link indicating it is linked to SPO.


The user does not know what she did to cause this but said her shortcuts within her OneDrive - Tenant name started mysteriously disappearing one by one when this icon appeared.  


I believe this system folder is causing the user the inability to create new shortcuts on a SPO site.  When she tries to add a shortcut to a folder, it displays a generic message about an error occuring.


There is an option to delete this, however I'm afraid it's going to delete the production folders on SPO which is something we don't want to do obviously.  Anyone know what is going on and how to remove this?

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That's the icon for SPO synced locations, yes. You can remove the location from the Settings > Account section, by either adjusting the list of folders synchronized or stopping the sync altogether.