allow users to copy shared files?

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I am an instructor and want to share files with students/colleagues so they can copy the files (Word/PPT) to make their own edits. In investigating in my own account, it looks like the shared-with user does not have access to copy the file (I could not copy files that had been shared with me). Is there a way to share with others to allow them to copy the file to their OneDrive? Download is not a great solution. Can I make the file public with our entire organization and enable copy privledge for all colleagues?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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The OneDrive client (NGSC) supports syncing of "Shared with me" folders (not individual files, though).

Hence you could create a folder, put some stuff inside it and share the folder: other users in your tenant will be able to sync the file locally.

Thank you. Do you mean sync as in using the sync client to open the file locally? I need them to "edit in browser" not "edit in Word".

Not sure to understand exactly what you want to accomplish.

If you mean to perform a copy from another user's OneDrive to yours directly by means of the "Shared with me" Web UI, then this is not possible.

Use a Group instead: then all the members will be able to copy files to their OneDrive from the Web UI, if this is what you are looking for.

Hope it helps...


EDIT: you can also try and share a whole folder from your OneDrive (instead of single files). Then other users (you have shared with) will be able to copy to their OneDrive individual files that are inside the folder.