There was a problem connecting to OneDrive (Error Code: 0x8004de40)

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Been struggling with this all day trying to get OneDrive installed and signed in for a user. Every time I get the error message in the subject line. I have tried many of the suggestions online of resetting winsock, flushdns, reset onedrive from command line and nothing seems to fix this problem for this one person. I have others I setup today and they all work fine. The error code suggests internet connection. The connection is fine and I can browse the web, open email, I can even open OneDrive online and it works fine. All apps work fine except OneDrive signing into this computer.

Any suggestions I can try. I have uninstalled the complete Office programs, rebooted and reinstalled everything. I just cannot get OneDrive to finish installing when trying to sign in the account, I get the error code and will not continue. Just a button at the bottom to "Try Again" which I have tried repeatedly.

Not sure what is wrong or why it will not sign into the OneDrive app on the computer. Like I say it works fine online.

Any help would be appreciated.


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@HarleyRider Did you ever get this issue resolved?  One of my users is having the same problem.





hello, i have exactly the same issue. tried everything but nothing helps to resolve this problem...

@AMcCainNo I did not. Must be something with the PC itself as I installed a new PC at the location and it works fine now. Sorry I couldn't help.