how to specify the storage location of the personal desck top, how to synchronize only some folders

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I am a OneDrive premium service user, so I can use 1TB of memory for the service period.
The memory capacity of my PC(desktop) is 600GB, and  I use it by partitioning it into 100GB(HDD C:)and 500GB(HDD D:).
When I install Onerive on My PC, the storage location is set to HDD C:(100GB) by default.
But I want to the storage location to be designated as HDD D:(500GB) with a lot of memory capacity.
How can I do it?

The memory of HDD D: is 500GB, while the memory provided by OneDrive is 1TB, so the memory of HDD D: is still insufficient.
So, I want to synchronize only some folder s in OneDrive with my PC.

How can I do it?

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