Withdrawal / deletion of sent e-mails

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I am looking for a tool to find sent emails within an organization and delete them.

The user sent the e-mail and would like to withdraw it after a while so that it would not be visible to the recipient.
Is it possible ?
Will e dsicovery in M365 solve the problem?

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Hi @pawfest83 


In Office 365, you can only recall sent emails if the following is true:


  • Both the mailboxes are in the same Office 365 Organisation
  • The recipient has not opened the email.


You also cannot recall a message that is protected by Azure Information Protection, and also cannot do so through OWA.


More information here:


Recall or replace an email message that you sent - Office Support (microsoft.com)


If I'm understanding your request correctly, then no, I do not believe there is a tool to do what you want.