what difference between Azure Ad premieum P1 and office 365 E3


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I'm confused about licences in Azure and Office 365.I have checked my subscription in Azure is Azure Ad Premieum P1 , this means all users have automatically Azure Ad Premium P1 ? what 's the relation with E3 licence in office 365 .i have confusion because our azure and office 365 are in the same tenant.





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@ali ali 


Office 365 E3 is an Office 365 plan which includes, amongst other things Office, Exchange, SharePoint and Teams


Azure AD P1 is an Azure AD Plan


All Office 365 plans have Azure AD Free - Azure AD is the Identity and Authentication service which underpins access to Office 365 services and which users are based on.


Azure AD Premium is a plan which adds to the functionality of Azure AD Free such as Self Service Password Reset and Azure AD Connect Health. It is an add on SKU for Office 365 SKU's. 


Hope that answers your question.


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@ali ali 

P1 and P2 are additions to your office 365 plan! You set these licenses per user basis as other licenses! If you check your subscriptions you will see that these are separate!


P1 also is included in Enterprise mobility+Security and also in Microsoft 365 subscription plans


You add this license plan as normal on the users you wish to grant this to!



Thanks.How can i see the number of licence for azure premium P1 we have  ? because in licence bundle i can see the number of E3 licence for example !



You should be able to see this in 365 Admin Portal ( under Billing > Licences

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@ali ali 


It should be visible under the subscription and licenses tab 

@Christopher Hoard  Strange , there is no licence under name azure premieum P1 ?

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@adam deltinger 


No, it depends what subsciption there is that includes the P1 license...EMS?

@adam deltinger @ali ali,

Correct - @ali @ali can you send us a screenshot under both the licences and subscriptions and this should clarify it

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@adam deltinger 


i get azure portal from my office 365 portal and in azure active directory bundle i have this :



and in office 365 portal i have this :



From this you would be getting Azure AD P1 via

- Enterprise Mobility & Security E3
- Microsoft 365 E3

Azure AD P1 is part of those SKU's. If those licences are assigned to users they will have Azure AD Premium P1.

But to confirm, AADP1 are not part of the Office 365 E3 licence

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@Christopher Hoard Great thanks .so if i want to create like a dynamic group i have to assign an EMS E3 for each user in this group ? this is just an example

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Yes, you can use group based licencing

As per article -

You can use group-based licensing with any security group, which means it can be combined with Azure AD dynamic groups. Dynamic groups run rules against user object attributes to automatically add and remove users from groups.

Hope that answers your question

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