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We use Office 365 Business ProPlus. One user cannot sign into Office desktop app on one specific computer. When he enters his email address, nothing happens, no password prompts, however he is able to sign in on other computers, and other user can sign in on this specific computer.


It seems his account does not like this specific computer, but I couldn't find anything wrong in his account. Where should I check?


Please help!


Thanks in advance!   

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@Grace Yin 


Hi, on this specific computer, does the user have any Office 365 credentials stored in credential manager - as shown in this article - https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4026814/windows-accessing-credential-manager


If so, it would be worth clearing them.  


Other things to try;


1). Repair the O365 installation from Control Panel / Programs and Features (assuming this is not a shared activation)?

2). Create a new Windows profile on the computer for this user and see if he can sign in on the new profile.


Hope this helps.