Tagging of emails and files

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I have a Office Business Premium subscription and I have always missed a feature where you can assign any kind of item (email, file, contact, ...) to a tag or something similar. Could also be a feature that's supplied by Windows as well, as long as it's able to sync everything over multiple devices.


What i would like to achieve it when i select any of these tags (mostly company names) i get a list of all items related to this tag (email, files, whatever i can possibly tag) in the order the tag was assigned. Even maybe the option to override that assigned date with a custom date so i can force the order things are listed in. A bonus would be to have added filters (type of item you're looking for) and have the ability to assign more than one tag (or sub-tags) and filter them as such.


Some automation would be great as well. For example it should be able to tag incoming emails based on the address they are sending from or if it's a response to an existing email with a tag it should be tag the same way. It should also be possible to tag a whole directory with files and folders. Every time i add a file to that directory it should be auto tagged on the date i added it (and still have the option to then override that tagged date).


I think this is a minimal CRM use case and i wonder if anything like this is possible with Office 365? Maybe with another subscription of another product? Or maybe Windows supports this?

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