Support tickets unresolved after 12 months; escalation requests ignored; stuck in a feedback loop

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A bit of a desperate open plea for direction please if anyone has had the same experience as us...?

We have a large shared inbox within Outlook 365 that stores all client communications over the last 15 years. This is a legal requirement and our team have access to this to be able to store and retrieve communications as required.

A couple of years ago we noticed that when folders were moved inside that mailbox, within Outlook Desktop they simply disappeared and never showed in their new respective destination parent folders. On web mail (OWA) everything was fine, but not in Outlook 365.

Last year, after trying to fix it ourselves (creating new profiles, reformats, etc), we opened a support ticket (#25704959). In the months that followed we:


  • Submitted screen grabs
  • Submitted logs
  • Submitted Fiddler traces
  • Created new profiles
  • Created new accounts
  • Replicated on different machines and for different users simultaneously


However, it has become clear that the engineer stopped actively contributing a long time ago, and began continuously sending the same copy/paste requests every few weeks. Escalation requests within this ticket were also ignored. I also requested to work directly with the dev's (as a developer myself I was hoping to shortcut the process) but this was refused.

We then opened another ticket asking for escalation (#25704959) which was completely ignored.

When recently opened a third ticket to start the whole process again, and again had to submit all of the above. However, we now find ourselves in the same infinite loop situation (#1565851895, #30129793, #31175875 thanks to the Outlook support widget repeatedly losing the threads).


Can anyone suggest what action to take next please? Over a year later and after a huge amount of wasted time, it's absurd that Microsoft should charge for a premium ticket to fix a software bug that their own team lose interest in supporting.


After looking round in desperation for a solution I find myself here in the hope that other peoples' recommendations to tag @Russell Read or @Anne Michels  may stimulate a response in the absence of any other avenue...??

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@EvilDr thanks for flagging this and sorry that this one has turned into a marathon for you. I'll send you a private message to follow-up.


-thanks, Russell.