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Hey Team, 


I am doing some research on the Communications Compliance mailboxes and am not able to find the answers to the following questions: 


1) When messages are copied to the Communications Compliance Mailbox, how long do they remain there? 

2) Do these mailboxes have litigation hold enabled? 

3) Do these mailbox have any kind of retention policies or tags enabled? 


I need to report this information back to management and was hoping for an article that might provide answers to the above questions. 






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best response confirmed by Robert Bollinger (Contributor)
1) Afaik, indefinitely
2) Yes, at least according to Get-SecurityPrincipal -Filter {LitigationHoldEnabled -eq $true}
3) Not sure on that, the cmdlet doesn;t show any tags, and as far as I can tell all items remain in place indefinitely (unless processed by reviewer)

Those are hidden/system mailboxes, so almost none of the standard admin tools work against them. I made a short article about it back in the day: