SharePoint Online Storage Limits

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Trying to figure out the limits of sharepoint storage. We currently have 1 large site collection with many sub-sites. Each sub-site will be adding a bunch of data (lets say 30GB each) for a total of about 4TB. Is this supported? Looking at this page:


It shows that a single site collection has a limit of 25 TB. I will definitely be good on this end but i want to make sure of a few things:


1. I actually have the storage i need. When i check the sharepoint admin center it shows 46.59 TB available of 46.91 TB. Is this storage we have already paid for? 


2. What is the limit for the subsites?


3. all of the data will be in a single document library, is there an additional limit on this? 

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Your final quota is 1 TB + 10 gb per licensed user
Sub sites go under the total of the site collection which is 25 TB! No limit per subsite ( you can have up to 2000 sub sites)
Not any certain limit file size wise but it’s limited to 30 million files :)
You can check SPO limits here: In regards of storing all the documents in the same document library, it's fine if you are fine with having a lot of documents there...the number of documents you can store is 30 Million


     As others have said, that would be supported based on the SPO limits defined by Microsoft.  I actually have a few site collections in one of the tenants I manage that is approaching 300,000 items in a single library (but not anywhere near 4TB...yet). While this is definitely supported, if you plan to put that many items in a single library, you do still need to be aware of recommendations around management of large lists in SharePoint -  While the Modern UI in SharePoint does make it better and more management, you do still need to do some thinking/planning around those large lists, especially if it's interfacing with a third party product or you're accessing the list in a way other than directly through the SharePoint UI.


Another aspect you mentioned that I would think about is the use of Subsites. I would recommend not doing subsites, but rather doing multiple site collections and then leveraging hub sites. Microsoft is moving away from the whole concept of subsites as you can see by some of the updates to SharePoint Online settings (to disable the creation of sub-sites) and features they are coming out with (again hub sites).  If you are going to break this up, break it up across multiple site collections, not a single singe site collection with multiple subsites.


Just my two cents...