Search box in Office Outlook 365.


I can't find a way to reduce the size of the search box in the title bar in Outlook like you can in the other Office applications. Is there a way to do it? I find the search box a distraction.

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Make sure you have applied most recent update (two or three updates back there was an issue with search box size after the update was applied).




Try turning "Show Focused Inbox" on then off again

@david kay I have the most recent update according to the message I got after I updated it. My version is 2001. I am on the Insiders Monthly Channel.


"Try turning "Show Focused Inbox" on then off again"


I don't see that option anywhere.


Hi i am also having the same issue with my bosses machine running latest update version 1912 build 12325.20344 

if he adds more search criteria like from, body, attachments. When clicking away from the search area it does not minimize but stays the same size on my machine with same update it minimizes when i click away. The search bar with all the specialized search criteria is also appearing on his people page and refusing to minimize.

@david kay 

Hi i don't know if you found it but just in case you did not the focused inbox button is under the view tab. @B_Van_Spanje 

@Saif_Al_Shahri I found nothing in relation to the search box under the View tab.

@B_Van_Spanje  hi i was specifically talking about the focused inbox option, i ended up solving the search issue by doing an online repair of office. which as far as i understand is a reinstall. I hope this helps someone.