SaRA scripted install

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Hello all


I'm looking to deploy the SaRA tool ( ) to our client Windows devices using a script (PowerShell preferably) but can't find an offline installer or MSI to be able to do that.


How can this be achieved?


Surely it would be good to have this installed and ready on a machine available for the end user to run up when an O365 support call comes into the helpdesk.





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You could do it like this:


But this could be a showstopper:



Could also be that you need to run the PowerShell remoting elevated. 

Could maybe be taht there are some EXE to MSI converters?


Thanks Alexander.


Yes, I really need a silent install which is why the web package is a problem. I need an offline MSI or EXE but can't find one for this install which is very frustrating. I'm hoping someone knows where to find it or maybe generate it from the web installed.


Invoking the setup from PowerShell isn't the problem but I appreciate your time to reply.

Im further down the rabbit hole. Looks like this is a click once application. Installs under AppData\Local\Apps\2.0. I tried copying the files, and the applications reference(shortcut) before uinstalling, then puttign the files back where they where. When running the application reference, it just tries to download the application again.

Maybe on to something here:

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I copied the content of the path where the applications is stored under appdata. Uinstalled, and started the applications from the Microsoft.sara.exe file. It worked!
Install the application and run it. Open taskmanager, and right click the app, then press open location:


So now i guess you can create a shortcut to the exe poiting to a network path or create a pacakge somehow. 

Wow - I'll go and give this a try now but full marks for tenacity. I'll report back here later and mark your past as the answer if all is well.


Thank you very much.

I moved the Microsoft.Sara.exe to another machine and running it alone does nothing.


The whole folder is 100MB but zips up to 20MB. Moving this to another machine and running it after uncompressing works so I guess my script will need to do that.


Next step is write the deployment script but it's looking good so I'll mark your reply as the best answer.


Thanks again.

Hello Andrew,
Curious if you managed to successfully deploy a script for Microsoft.Sara.exe to silent install on a new machine?
Microsoft have advised us to manually run SaRa on each machine in order to uninstall 32bit office suite, obviously this is not practical. Therefore we are seeking an automated approach.


Sorry Roy


Had no luck and realised it was flogging a dead horse so that one was shelved.


If you get anywhere, do post here as I still think it's something that should be available on any machine running Office365 as a matter of course. You'd think it would be included in the Office install wouldn't you?


Good luck.

@Andrew HUSSEY 

We are trying to do something similar.

Just found the following which might be helpful...



That's new and does look more promising. Thanks.