Powerpoint export to video problems

New Contributor

I have created dozens and dozens of Office Mix files using Powerpoint 2016 to cover lectures which I give during the year. Now, of course, Office Mix is closing down and I need to turn these into videos (using Office 365 as our 2016 was replaced. So.... I solved the problem of zero audio (where it was quite audible in the old version on Mix) by going in to every single slide and manually setting it to automatically allow audio instead of needing a click (any easier way of doing this??), but I cannot solve the issue of annotations.  All the annotations that I draw on my slides, which did appear at the appropriate point in my narration NOW all appear as soon as the slide appears rather than as I am talking and drawing. None of these issues occurred in the original MIX version, but the video export just doesn't seem to be cutting it. (incidentally, "publishing to Stream" has exactly the same issues).  Anyone have any ideas? I am using O365 on a PC. Thanks in advance.