Office 365 - Employee unable to open Sharepoint documents.

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Hello all, 


We have Office 365 Business and I have one employee who is having a very weird issue. I submitted a ticket to MS through O365 Admin panel but the MS employee was not helpful at all and made the situation worse. I am really stuck and need any advice someone can give. 


This employee, when she is on SharePoint, she clicks on a document and chooses "Open In Excel" which should open the file using the Excel program on her computer but Excel just opens to nothing. Its just a blank page. There is nothing wrong with the actual document on SharePoint. The issue isn't permissions related. She had the correct permissions. We noticed when opening File > Account that it didn't show her signed in. When you click Sign in it prompts for her username/email and we enter that. After her email is entered, nothing happens. It just goes back to the Account page. If I enter incorrect information on purpose, it will prompt for a password and throw an error. So, there is some cached information somewhere that isn't allowing her to sign into the program I assume. She can access just fine. 

I ran a repair on Office 365 and that caused it to say that program was not activated. The only way to fix this message was to uninstall Office and reinstall Office 365 using her credentials and it shows her signed into Office but she still can't open SharePoint documents. She now had a message "Office 365 Your Cached Credentials have expired" but she was able to use Excel, Word etc without issue except for the SharePoint issue. It shows her signed in. I googled this error online and one suggestion was to sign her out of Office 365 and sign back in. Atlas, we are back to where we started. She can't view SharePoint documents when she clicks "Open in Word" or "Open in Excel". In any Office program if she goes into File > Account it does not show anyone signed in and if she tries to sign in, it just prompts for a username and does nothing. I assume the problem may be a registry one but I don't know. 


I also want to mention that looking at Cached Credentials in Windows 10 she just has her credentials cached and there is some Lenovo SSO PPO. Clearing these out doesn't appear to help. 

She is not using One Drive and it isn't installed on her computer. It may have been at one point but I don't recall it and I set the laptop up. I mentioned this because the error she got regarding cached credentials expiring, I looked up online and a lot of people were referencing an option in One Drive which had to be turned Off. I believe it had something to do with Syncing One Drive with Office. 


The problem started out of the blue. Just one day when she came in she called because she could no longer view SharePoint documents. 




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@SeanR87 I found a solution to this problem in case anyone else runs into it with Windows 10, Office 365 Business. The solution was to go on her computer, Settings > Accounts > Work or School Account and disconnect. Connect her back in which requires a sign in and text verification. Once she was signed back in, I opened Excel and signed her in and that worked perfectly. Next, I tested the solution by opening the Excel file on SharePoint using the Desktop Excel option and it opened.