Office 365 Corporate Templates Asset Library - Not showing up

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Hi community

We have setup an "Office 365 Corporate Templates Asset Library" in our company - according to specifications from Microsoft and various blogs.


We have now stored various templates in the library ... and now it's getting exciting

we have a multi-geo tenant. A few users see the new "Tab" in Word and a few users not


Until recently it was that everyone with @ ****.com did not see it (except me) and everyone with e.g. @ and @ saw it. since a few days, also some other with @ ****.com see it - but I see no difference between the other users 

first thought that in the @ **** location the CDN cannot get through the firewall, which I think I can discard. a few see it


  • I can't "nail" it to a Domain of this multi-geo tenant
  • I think we installed more or less all the latest possible Office version
  • I think it can't be a firewall
  • since a few can and a few not, I can also exclude any permissions (I think)

With Microsoft support, I haven't got any further for 6 weeks and about 20 emails ... and everytime test the same things and do a "Steps Recording" 

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no, i also not see a reason for it - the GeoLoation are just the storage location, it has no impact on the access permissions

some of other GeoLocation has access to it and some not