Office 365 Business Essentials and Skype for Business

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We have an 8 user Office 365 Business Essentials subscription,  as you can see from the snipping grab below the list of services that Skype is one of them. 



After reading a couple of threads, I downloaded Skype for Business from this link which was in one of the threads. When I log in to the and go to all apps Skype/Skype for Business is not listed at all.

When I try to log in with my Office 365 user name and password I got this message



I have tried using the "Delete my sign-in info" link, and entering my office 365 sign in again, it now does not ask for a password but just gives me the above error each time.

Is Skype for business still part for Office still part of Office 365, if not why is the icon still listed as one of the services.

In Admin panel, there is nothing to assign for Skype to any users. 

Any assistance in getting me able to login to Skype would be appreciated.




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Is this a new tenant, as in created after October 2018? If so, it would not come with Skype for Business (unless over 500 users) as Microsoft Teams is now the default chat, meeting and calling application. Tenants created before that time still have it but it’s being retired in July 2021 and Microsoft is busy moving all tenants sub 500 to Teams. As far as I can remember there is a backdoor workaround to light it up but would not recommend this.

So I would download the Teams client

and use that. Teams is so much more than Skype for Business and will have real value to your users.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi Chris.


Thanks for the speedy reply. 

Yes the subscription is post Oct 2018, so that explains it. I did see that SfB was being deprecated in favour of teams but not that it had been dropped for new subscribers. It is slightly misleading that the Icon for SfB  is still shown on the 365 subscription panel. 

I will look into using Teams in that case.


Thanks again.