MWE: Word loses links to embedded Excel workbook

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I'm trying to build automation of a tedious Word document by entering the info once in Excel and then inserting links at the right places in the Word document. Everything seems to work fine. But thenat some point Word simply loses all links.

I can't figure out all the conditions that cause this, but I was able to identify at least two:

  1. Under Layout, change the "Wrap Text" or "Position" of the icon representing the embedded spreadsheet. Then Word loses the link.
  2. Simply save and reopen the file.

I can rep on two completely different Windows 10 systems using a very simple Minimal (non)-Working



  1.  Open a New Word document; Insert Object, Excel Workbook. Enter anything in A1. Select A1, Copy.
  2. Outside of the embedded object, i.e., in Word itself, Paste Special, Paste Link, Unformatted Unicode Text. HTML is similar. I didn't test the other options.

At this point everything works as expected. If you change the value of A1 the text field in Word is updated accordingly.

Now save and reopen the file. After acknowledging external links, pressing Ctrl+A F9 gives an error. I've seen two different messages. (an aside - how come error messages are not selectable? That would be helpful)

lleeoowork_0-1622207448298.png or 


After that, where the field should be, there is only: "Error! Not a valid link"

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